Cartoon PVC Pencil Case
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Cartoon PVC Pencil Case

Kiwim was founded in 2007, we are a specialized manufacturer and supplier in the industry of Cartoon PVC pencil case. The design of Cartoon PVC pencil case is more free and diverse, and various patterns, images, text, etc. can be selected for printing according to personal needs.

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Product Description

Kiwim Plastic Packaging: Cartoon PVC pencil case

Kiwim Plastic Packaging proudly introduces its Cartoon PVC pencil case, a stylish and versatile storage solution that meets the aesthetic demands of a wide range of customers.

The Cartoon PVC pencil case is designed to offer both functionality and fashion. Its stylish design, coupled with various color and pattern choices, ensures that there's a bag to suit every individual's taste. Whether you're a student, an artist, or just someone who appreciates the beauty of organization, this pencil bag is sure to become your new favorite accessory.

Product Features:

1.Easy to Carry: The lightweight and compact design of the Cartoon PVC pencil case makes it incredibly easy to carry around. Whether you're heading to school, the office, or an art class, this bag is the perfect companion to keep your pencils organized and accessible.

2.Bulk Storage: The spacious interior of the bag allows you to store a large number of pencils, pens, or other small items. No more rummaging through your bag or desk drawer to find what you need.

3.Transparent PVC: The transparent PVC material makes it easy to see what's inside the bag at all times. This not only saves you time but also ensures that you never forget to pack an essential item.

4.Versatile Use: While perfect for stationery, the Cartoon PVC pencil case can also be used as a promotional gift. Its stylish design and customizability make it a great choice for branding and marketing campaigns.

5.OEM Unique Logo and Designs: Customize the bag with your unique logo or design using our OEM services. This is an excellent way to promote your brand or personalize your accessories.

6.Large Production Capacity: With a monthly production capacity of 100K pieces, Kiwim Plastic Packaging can meet your demands, whether you need a small batch for personal use or a large order for commercial purposes.

The Cartoon PVC pencil case from Kiwim Plastic Packaging is the ultimate solution for keeping your pencils and other small items organized and stylish. Order yours today and enjoy the convenience and beauty of this versatile accessory.

Cartoon PVC pencil case Product Specifications

Product name

Cartoon PVC pencil case








Blank or OEM


Plastic buttons






Bulk, master cartons

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