What are the characteristics of PVC shopping bags?


PVC bags can be seen everywhere in our life, go shopping malls, go to clothing stores to buy clothes, will also use to find PVC bags, then you know what characteristics of PVC bags? Make it fun for everyone to use,

1. Convenience

Its weight is light, and very soft, when used, it can be used to pack items, when not in use, it can be folded and placed up, does not take up any space, and it is convenient to carry out.

2. Tightness

PVC bags have good moisture resistance, many items in the preservation, must reach moisture resistance, and this PVC bag can be a good completion of this, especially in the rainy season, but also to avoid being wet by the rain.

3. Non-toxic

Because it is used to come into contact with human skin, some foods will also come into direct contact with PVC bags, which requires that PVC bags must be non-toxic.

4. Transparency

Now there are many items in the storage, there are transparency requirements, which not only adds external visibility, but also can always observe the condition of the internal product.

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